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Nowhere Prophet

1 year ago

Feature: Going nowhere slowly

Nowhere Prophet review

I'm a sucker for the future. Give me nanites, lasers, mechs, robots. Then blow them all up. Go further. Tell me stories about those that come after: the post apocalyptic survivors of a world built atop the ruins of the last. I'm a sucker for deckbuilders, too, especially when they're also roguelikes, particularly when they're brimming with clever ideas, and notably when those are woven…

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2 years ago

Feature: The Banner Saga meets Thronebreaker with hints of FTL

Nowhere Prophet hits the road this summer and it’s made me a digital card game convert

It's been over a year since Sharkbomb Studio's rad-looking card-based roguelike Nowhere Prophet last made camp at the RPS Treehouse, but since then the game has disappeared from its early access pilgrimage on Itch and set its ever-expanding caravan towards a full release later this summer. Based on a recent build I played at PAX East recently, I'd say it's shaping up to be one…

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3 years ago

Feature: Convoy through hell

Nowhere Prophet is a post-apocalyptic trip with a soul

A large dog-like creature had been sniffing around our camp while we slept. The road hadn't been kind to us and our food supplies were running low. Truth be told, my own altruistic streak was responsible for most of our problems; we'd picked up stragglers and waifs wherever we found them, and had far too many mouths to feed.But this dog-thing was not joining us,…

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