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Occupy White Walls

3 weeks ago

Come and explore this lovely Occupy White Walls gallery

Come with me, and you'll be in a world of wonderful imagination. I've left virtual art gallery MMO Occupy White Walls alone for far too long, but that break has meant I now get to step back into a world brimming with new art and architectural possibilities. Come on. Let's go on a little tour of one of the best galleries I've stumbled into.

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3 months ago

Free-to-play MMO museum manager Occupy White Walls enters early access

There's an odd appeal to constructing and decorating your own little space in an MMO - Occupy White Walls takes that concept, builds on it and discards all else. Released into early access today by Stiki Pixels, it's a free-to-play (entirely so at present) creative sandbox with an artistic focus. Players construct, light and decorate your own little art galleries, choose what pieces to display,…

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9 months ago

Feature: Turning the MMO upside down

An art gallery MMO – we spoke to the creators of Occupy White Walls about the AI that guesses which art you like

When I went exploring in Occupy White Walls last month, I stumbled into something special. OWW is an upcoming MMO (see what they did there?) where every player can create their own architecturally ambitious gallery, fill it with art of their choosing, and open it up to other players. Every mug who walks into your gallery earns you money, which you can use to make…

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10 months ago

Occupy White Walls is an enthralling virtual gallery MMO

A while ago I took a stroll around the Zium Museum, a virtual gallery curated by Michael Berto. "There needs to be more stuff like this in videogames!", said commenter 'Quasiotter'. Quasio's wish has been granted: Occupy White Walls is an upcoming MMO where you can build your own architecturally ambitious art gallery and showcase it to the world. If all goes well there should…

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