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One Hour One Life

12 months ago

Multiplayer humanity sim One Hour One Life reincarnates on Steam

Jason Rohrer's wildly ambitious humanity simulator One Hour One Life has resurfaced on Steam today. Previously available only direct from the developer, it's a real-time survival and crafting sandbox - familiar stuff, but with a twist. Every time you play, you begin as a random, helpless baby, unceremoniously spawned from another player. For your first few minutes, you're dependent, and must be carried and fed…

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2 years ago

3 years ago

One Hour One Life: Rohrer riffs on cyclical survival

In one of those strange "thinking about a person and then they phone you for a chat" moments, I was wondering what Jason Rohrer might be up to earlier this week. It's because his MMO burglary/home defence game The Castle Doctrine pops into my head from time to time. So obviously I then get an email saying "Hello, here is the trailer for my new…

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