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Orwell's Animal Farm

1 month ago

George Orwell’s Animal Farm is now a video game

Back when I was studying George Orwell's Animal Farm in school, I would not have believed anyone who told me it would get a video game adaptation - and yet, one came out today. Orwell's Animal Farm is a point and click game made by the creators of Reigns, along with Failbetter's Emily Short. It's based on the 1945 book, which tells a story about…

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3 months ago

The Animal Farm video game is coming in December

Parents of RPS, good news: a lovely-looking game about a funny farm of silly talking animals is coming in time for you to put it on your kid's Christmas laptop. Orwell's Animal Farm will launch on December 10th, the developers announced today, turning Georgie Orwie's picturebook into a game where you make decisions to determine the fate of the farm. I just know I'll be…

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5 months ago

George Orwell’s Animal Farm becoming a video game from the makers of Reigns

Today is the 75th anniversary of the first publication of George Orwell's Animal Farm, perhaps the most distressing book for a kid to pick from their parents' shelves when looking for a nice story about horses. In celebration, an official video game adaptation was of Animal Farm has been announced. News of a beloved work of literature becoming a video game should inspired a wariness…

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