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2 weeks ago

Beefy loot-shooter Outriders has been delayed

I'm afraid there'll be no muscle-bound spacemen down the chimney this year, children. Outriders, the brutal third-person roadie-runner from the folks behind Bulletstorm, has had its plans for a Winter release scuppered by the mess that is 2020. People Can Fly's RPG shooter is now slated to arrive this February - but at least there'll be full crossplay when it finally arrives.

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5 months ago

Outriders’ first extended stream shows a brutal take on loot-shooting

It's been a little too easy to write off People Can Fly's upcoming "RPG shooter" Outriders. A particularly beefy Destiny 2, from what's been teased so far. The loot-shooter that's willing to show some heads exploding. But today saw the devs post their first in-depth look at Outriders in what intends to be a series of monthly broadcasts - and there's some fascinating depth behind…

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8 months ago

The Bulletstorm gang are showing more of Outriders, their new shooter

Following a terse announcement last E3, People Can Fly and Square Enix have started gabbing more about their new cooperative "RPG shooter", Outriders. Parts look gruff and grim and in a too-familiar way, a bit too mid-noughties, but then someone gets murdered so hard with blue beams that they're left a big ol' dancing skeleton and ah gwan I'll not rush to judge. I'll cut…

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1 year ago

Outriders is next shooter from Bulletstorm studio

People Can Fly, the Polish studio behind Bulletstorm, today announced a new cooperative shooter named Outriders. This is the mysterious game they announced with Square Enix back in 2017 and... we still don't know much more now. It's set in a sci-fi world with demonic-looking beasties and guns clad in horn and bone and such and... nope, that's about it. The announcement trailer confirms that…

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Every E3 2019 news story that matters on PC

Trying to keep up with E3 2019 is a fool's errand, and the foaming river of content streaming down the internet's face doesn't always make it easier. So here's a round-up of every news story from the show we think matters to you, with links to our full stories (and bantful liveblogs) where relevant. We'll be updating this hourly, so keep coming back.

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