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5 months ago

Adorable dino tycoon Parkasaurus has left early access

One day, someone is going to build a genetically-engineered dinosaur theme park that doesn't turn its guests into lunch. Parkasaurus may not quite escape from the murder, but I reckon it's easier to be eaten by a T-Rex when it's wearing a funny hat. Emerging from the labs of early access, Washbear's colourful dino tycoon opened the gates to a full release today, with 20%…

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6 months ago

Dino management sim Parkasaurus emerges from early access on August 13

If I've learned anything from Jurassic Park over the years it's that running a dinosaur zoo is a harrowing undertaking. No less harrowing in Parkasaurus, it seems. These dinos may be neon-colored and wear tiny hats but they can still escape and munch on your guests. You can start running your own park and tending to its giant inhabitants when Parkasaurus graduates from early access…

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1 year ago

You can now breed your favorite dinos in Parkasaurus

Parkasuarus was already an unbearably cute park simulation about raising dinosaurs, what with being able to put hats on them and all. It's at least 30% cuter now that you can get baby dinos by breeding two that you already love instead of just picking an egg up from ye olde dino baby store. The latest update to Parkasuarus' Early Access build lets you combine…

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2 years ago

Adorable dino-park manager Parkasaurus stomps into early access

Other dino-park management games may boast 'authenticity' to a cinematic ideal, but sometimes you just want to put silly hats on primary coloured dinosaurs. WashBear's Parkasaurus made its early access debut today and looks to indulge that fantasy, as well as being a proper management sim.Just because it's bright and cute doesn't mean that there's no chance of dinosaur rampages and fangoriously devoured guests either, but…

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