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Pendragon review

The pendragon is mightier than the swordragon


2 months ago

Feature: The pendragon is mightier than the swordragon

Pendragon review

It's a relief to know that some life-or-death battles where the fate of the nation is in the balance can be attempted a near infinite number of times. A complete cycle of Inkle's turn-based strategy meets Arthurian storytelling, Pendragon, can be wrapped up pretty sharpish if you're on the lowest difficulty and aren't getting too lost on the map. From the south coast of Wales…

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3 months ago

Inkle on Pendragon: how being evil was the key to making its replayable story click

Turn-based Arthurian legend game Pendragon is the next game from Inkle Studios of Heaven's Vault and 80 Days. RPS chatted with narrative director Jon Ingold at PAX X EGX about its replayable story that—spoiler alert—always ends with a deadly battle between King Arthur and Sir Mordred, and how playing as a villain helped keep the story from going stale over the course of multiple re-tellings.

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6 months ago

Feature: Dirty roles, played dirt cheap

The best Steam Festival demos: RPGs

Readers, I have put on my waders and made my way into the deep mill pool of the Steam Game Festival: Summer edition free demos. There are a lot, so I confined myself to RPGs. This isn't an exhaustive list, of course, even though I got overexcited and did far too many, but it's hopefully going to give you a place to start. If you…

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7 months ago

The 80 Days devs want you to pen campfire stories for Pendragon

If you're into Arthurian myths, you might be interested in Pendragon. It's an upcoming "narrative strategy game" about chatting and turn-based whacking from the creators of 80 Days and Heaven's Vault. If you're really into Arthurian myths, you might want to take a stab at writing one. Developers Inkle are after short, lightly-interactive campfire stories for their heroes to natter to each other. They're paying…

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8 months ago

Pendragon is a tactical Arthurian tale from the folks behind Heaven’s Vault

Enough floating about in the clouds, Inkle are ready to get their knees muddy and hands bloody. After wrapping up dreamy translate 'em up Heaven's Vault, the story-driven studio today announced Pendragon - a sprawling strategic narrative adventure about traipsing across Dark Ages Britain to rally the (now table-less) Knights of the Round Table in a quest for vengeance.

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11 months ago

Heaven’s Vault developers tease their next game with seven words

Swords, anguish, Britain, unrequited, forests, hope, and revenge are seven words that apparently relate to the next game by Heaven's Vault developers Inkle Studios. Most game studios would post a teaser video or a cute gif to showcase what they'll be working on next but Inkle is all about words so this seems plenty fitting.

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