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Pendula Swing

5 months ago

Pendula Swing has packed all 7 of its fantasy roaring 20s episodes together

If you'd not heard of Pendula Swing, as I hadn't, now's an alright time to find it. The "Tolkien meets The Great Gatsby" point & click adventure game began nearly two years ago with episodic releases. Now that all seven episodes are complete, Valiant Games have wrapped them up into the Complete Journey version. You take on the role of celebrated Dwarven hero Brialynne Donu…

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2 years ago

Feature: And I would play 500 more

Unknown Pleasures: Five more of one thousand new games on Steam

Today's selection marks the 1,000th game I've played this year. One sodding thousand. Admittedly it's a meaningless number but it might give some hope to those of you who are worried that games are going downhill or it's been a bad year. It really hasn't.There are loads and loads of great games out there. Sure, there's some rubbish too, but this column alone has sifted…

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High fantasy meets 1920s upheaval in episodic adventure Pendula Swing, out now

While others (like Arcanum) have played with the idea of high fantasy moving into the modern era, point-and-click episodic adventure Pendula Swing might be the most committed to the concept yet. Described by its developers as "Tolkien meets The Great Gatsby", it's the story of a long-retired dwarven heroine forced to leave her secluded island home in search of a stolen magic axe. A lot…

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