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Pokemon Go

4 years ago

Feature: Analogue monster garden party

Pipkemon Go

It's probably not escaped your notice that everyone in the world appears to be playing Pokemon Go right now. And if they're not playing it they're writing about it. Thing is, I am not only not playing Pokemon Go, I also ended up in a situation where I got weirdly competitive about Pokemon Go.That is how I ended up at my PC, learning how to…

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You Can Play Pok√©mon GO On PC, Sort Of

If you're anything like me, you're surrounded by people - and an internet - that won't stop talking and writing and buzzing about new Niantic/Pokémon Company/Nintendo mobile game Pokémon GO [official site]. Perhaps, like me, you're feeling a little left out because you had resolved to wait for the game's release in your country rather than using a workaround to get it early. Perhaps you…

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