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2 years ago

Deviously deterministic card battler Prismata goes free-to-play

Despite its card-game layout, Lunarch's Prismata is more Starcraft than Hearthstone and maybe even purer as a strategy game than that. Going free-to-play today (though still early access), I recommend strategy fans give it a try, partly as it defies easy description and mostly because it's very clever.I'd call it a turn-based card game without decks, hands, boosters, trading or dice - it's entirely deterministic…

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RTS-inspired deckbuilder Prismata goes free-to-play(ish) for the weekend

Prismata is a bit of a hard sell because I can't think of any other strategy game quite like it. It looks and controls like a Magic: The Gathering inspired card game, but flows like an RTS, and while you do gradually expand your construction options between matches, there's no randomly drawn booster packs or loot boxes.While previously the only way into the game's early…

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