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Production Line

Premature Evaluation: Production Line

You can have any genre as long as its Sim


1 year ago

Production Line rolls out of early access

If a total walloper like Ian Tesla can run a car company, I'm sure we'll all do just fine in Production Line, which left early access today. The latest from Positech Games will has us designing cars, researching advancements, and meticulously designing and optimising factory layouts to churn out cars and turn a profit. It's very much the fine-tuning sort of manage-o-tycoon 'em up, a…

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3 years ago

Feature: You can have any genre as long as its Sim

Premature Evaluation: Production Line

Every week we send Brendan to inspect the factory floor of early access and scribble angry notes about the development carousel. This time, the conveyor belts of Production Line [official site].Hello, discerning motorist. Set your eyes on the epitome of motorway luxury: the Safe Family Car Xtreme. It is our debut vehicle and comes complete with an engine and wing mirrors. You might think our…

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Positech’s Production Line rolls into early access

Where do cars come from? That century-old question is answered in Production Line [official site], a car-building factory management sim from Gratuitious Space Battles dev Positech, which has now hit early access. We all know cars live in symbiotic relationships with humans, letting us ride in their cheek pouches in exchange for food. And many of us know that a car nearing death will make…

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Production Line conveyor belts into early access

The upcoming tycoonist car factory game Production Line [official site] has been travelling along the development assembly line since its announcement in September last year, getting bits and pieces welded on by creator Positech. Now it's ready for the next phase. The giant machine-like claws of Steam early access are waiting to tear it asunder and put it back together again from May 18. “This…

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4 years ago

Production Line Is Democracy Dev’s New Car Factory Sim

You can have any genre, says Positech, as long as it’s management. Production Line [official site] will be the studio’s new game of building cars on a long assembly line with the penny-pinching efficiency of Henry Ford. “I never used to care about cars,” said Cliffski, the creator of Democracy and Gratuitous Space Battles, in his announcement. “Then I bought a nice hybrid one (Lexus)…

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