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Project A

7 months ago

Riot Games reveal Valorant, their multiplayer tactical FPS

Riot Games, the gang behind League Of Legends, today gave the big reveal-o to their mysterious multiplayer shooter formerly known as Project A - their one upcoming game not based on League. Valorant is its name, and 'Counter-Strike meets Overwatch' is its game. A reductive comparison, sure, but an unavoidable one after Riot released a gameplay video showing one full round. Valorant will launch free-to-play…

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12 months ago

League Of Legends is entering every genre in every medium (p.s. don’t turn around, LoL is standing behind you right now)

For almost ten years, Riot Games sat on League Of Legends alone, looking content with one of the biggest games in the world. Turns out, they've been busy. Riot last night announced five new games, four of them based upon the LoL. They're making the LoL CCG Legends Of Runeterra, sportsteam sims LoL Esports Manager, fighting game 'Project L', and action-RPG-ish 'Project F'. The fifth…

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Riot Games announce hero shooter codenamed Project A [updated]

Riot Games have revealed that that they're working on an as-yet-untitled competitive hero shooter, codenamed Project A. It's the first game created by the developers that isn't set in the League Of Legends universe, though details on exactly what it is about and how it plays are scarce so far.Update: Riot have since shown a bit in a video.

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