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Pupper Park

12 months ago

Sokpop just Sok-dropped their entire catalogue on Steam

My first impression of Dutch indie collective Sokpop Collective was an odd'un. Leaving a Berlin club one frozen afternoon in 2017, we were stopped by the presence of some bizarre boys. Squatting and posing and donning coats sewn together with odd pairs of socks, who was I to know that these strange lads were about to embark on a daunting new project: a brand-new game…

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1 year ago

Pupper Park lets you muck around as a dog for 10 minutes

Landlords might currently forbid me from owning a pooch of my own, but Sokpop's Pupper Park lets me become one instead. There's comfort in that, I think. Put aside the troubling concerns that come with being human. Ditch work, to hell with the groceries. Let's go chase a ball, harass some toads, irritate the hell out of every other pup in a colourful park for…

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