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Raiders of the Broken Planet

2 years ago

Raiders Of The Broken Planet has gone F2P as SPACELORDS

I couldn't tell you whether Raiders Of The Broken Planet is a better proposition now that the cooperative brawl-o-shooter has relaunched as free-to-play, but I can tell you that it's better-named: it now goes by Spacelords. What a name! Spacelords! I support all game names which sound like something I'd come up with, though I suppose we'd soon run out of Xlords, MurderXs, and X-o-Yers.…

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Raiders Of The Broken Planet going free-to-play as Spacelords

MercurySteam's four-player cooperative (and sometimes 4v1) shoot-o-brawler Raiders Of The Broken Planet will relaunch as fully free-to-play in August under the new name of Spacelords, the Spanish studio announced today. Since its 2017 launch, Raiders has run under a shareware-ish model of giving the starter campaign away free then charging a tenner for each extra campaign (three so far). Game director Enric Álvarez says they…

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3 years ago

Co-op/Versus shooter Raiders of the Broken Planet is free to grab (and keep forever) for the next two days

The problem with launching a multiplayer shooter is that players are part of the content. Without players, you've only got half a package, even if there is a single-player mode. MercurySteam's Raiders of the Broken Planet (a Gears of War-styled co-op shooter with a light PvP twist) has always looked rather nice, but without people playing it, it's a hard sell, and the game just never…

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4 years ago

Raiders of the Broken Planet shows 4v1 action

Ooh I'd entirely missed that MercurySteam, the gang behind Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, are making a 4v1 shooter. Raiders of the Broken Planet [official site] is its name, and asymmetric sci-fi shoot-o-brawling is its game. Four players are off adventuring across an alien world, completing missions and duffing up AI-controlled baddies, while t'other can join games as 'the Antagonist' to sabotage their missions. That sounds…

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