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Rapture Rejects

2 years ago

Rapture Rejects launches into early access with a free weekend

Based on webcomic and cartoon series Cyanide And Happiness and developed by Galvanic and Explosm, Rapture Rejects is a rude and crude isometric battle royale shooter out in early access today and free for the weekend. The Rapture has happened, and the last idiots alive fight for God's amusement, with the lucky last survivor getting the final ticket to heaven. Up to fifty players run…

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Rapture Rejects tests the holy waters in early access next week

The battle royale genre is as ferocious a brawl as any Fortnite match, and you really need a hook to survive. Rapture Rejects has several - for starters, it's isometric and cartoony, instead of being yet another first or third-person tactical head-clicker. Second, it's based on scattershot and frequently edgy webcomic and cartoon series Cyanide & Happiness, though your mileage may vary on whether that's…

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Rapture Rejects is battle royale in Cyanide & Happiness

The battle royale bandwagon continues to trundle along the great gaming highway, picking up anyone who can muster 100 or more unruly homicide fans. This time, the makers of near-the-knuckle comic Cyanide & Happiness are clambering aboard. Rapture Rejects is a top-down isometric battle royale, announced at the PC Gaming Show during E3. And it's set in a world that's been left behind by all the…

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