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Remnants of Naezith

9 months ago

Speedy platformer Remnants of Naezith swings onto Steam

From our 82st floor window at RPS Towers (actually it's more of a palace, but we don't like to brag), we like to keep an eye on what the smaller developers are up to. We'd previously caught sight of Remnants of Naezith, and our Brendan Caldwell had a few positive things to say about it, mixed in with some trepidation that the game would put…

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Grappling hook platformer Remnants of Naezith looks like a speedrunner’s fever dream

Why did the mountain climber quit his job and become a wrestler? Because he was grappling hooked. Hello and welcome to another day of awfulness. I’m Brendan, and today we will be alleviating the weight of existence with news that Remnants of Naezith, a grappling hook platformer that looks hard as a Blackpool rock, will be coming out on February 6. It also looks like…

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