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7 years ago

Feature: Big Shiny Robots

What’s In A Trailer: Reset Devs Explain Amazing Debut

So yeah, that Reset trailer. Its¬†sumptuous eye candy feast reduced the Internet to a slack-jawed chorus of "oooos" and "aaaaaahs." Pitter-pattering raindrops, gently wavering foliage, and a blinding sun holding two giant scoops of intrigue¬†turned the "single-player co-op" puzzler into the talk of the town. It had a lot of graphics, I suppose, is the short version of what I'm saying. And yet, all of…

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‘Single-Player Co-op’ Puzzler Reset’s Trailer Is Amazing

Wow. Reset's premise time-shifting, self-assisting premise sounded incredibly promising when we first heard about it, but the first-person puzzler's debut trailer very nearly left me speechless. That doesn't happen very often. I like to speech! In short, though, it's two-man indie impossibility with looks that seem primed to tackle triple-A games, tear them limb-from-meticulously-rendered-limb, and fashion their extraneous As into a tasteful necklace. A sitting,…

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8 years ago

Now I Want To Play Theory Interactive’s Reset

I love the phrase "single-player co-op". That's because I'm a misanthrope, and other people ruin everything. But it's how Reset describes itself, as spotted by IGM. In fact, it's a single-player co-op first-person puzzle game, exclusive to PC. That's the genre I was waiting for! And by crikey, it sounds fascinating.

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11 years ago

Videogames Killed The Video Star: Reset

RPS-reg Roburky has written an interesting if minor experimental game. It's called Reset, and is available here. It's inspired by and based around "Rest to Reset" by Trash80 (who you'll know as the creator of the music for Darwinia). Roburky loves it so much he tried to turn its structure into a videogame - the best comparison is an alternate-dimension music video, with a game…

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