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2 years ago

Speedy synthwave grappling platformer Rifter is out now

Synthwave is in vogue, speedrunning is big news and grappling hooks will never not be in style, which makes Rifter (from solo indie dev Maximilian Csuk) potentially too cool for school. Hasn't stopped it from being punctual, though - probably the speedrunning part at work - as it launched today, and I've had fun in the little bit I've played so far. Below, a very swooshy launch trailer.

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Synthwave grapple-platformer Rifter lands on PC in July

Some say that synthwave aesthetics are overplayed, but I'd argue that it's one of the best trends to hit gaming. A whole new excuse to have catchy synth music, bright complimentary colours, clearly defined visuals and explosions of neon particles every five seconds. Upcoming arcrobatic speedrunning platformer Rifter takes all of that and adds grappling hooks to the mix, which sounds like a good time…

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