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River City Girls

3 months ago

WayForward’s latest punch up River City Girls is out now

There are some pretty standard rules in arcade brawlers. You've gotta have co-op, that's for sure. But you've also gotta kick things off with a kidnapping. More often than not, that means getting two mean-looking lads to rescue their dames. Bit naff, innit. River City Girls flips the script, with two ass-kicking lasses saving hapless daniels-in-distress Kunio and Riki, the lads from the series' very…

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5 months ago

River City Girls tears up Japan’s streets on September 5th

There's another River City Ransom sequel in the works, and this time it's by Shantae and Double Dragon Neon studio WayForward. River City Girls is a one or two player (local) brawler that flips the script a bit on the series. This time, delinquent high-school lasses Kyoko and Misako are beating seven shades out of the entire town to rescue their lads, who have been…

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