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Rock of Ages 3: Make & Break

4 months ago

Rock Of Ages 3: Make & Break crashes out today

Rock Of Ages 3: Make & Break has smashed through Steam's castle gates - presumably squashing the little papercraft Gabe that resides within, killing him instantly. As per the name, Ace Team's latest boulder-pusher lets you construct your very own delightful fantasy hillsides, each doomed to be crushed by your apocalyptic orb of choice. It's been a perilous month-long tumble through open beta, but finally,…

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6 months ago

Rock Of Ages 3 tumbles into open beta this week

Rock Of Ages 3: Make & Break has begun its unstoppable descent, and not even the sturdiest cardboard cut-out can stop it now. ACE Team's latest boulder-pusher is preparing to break down Steam's fortress on July 21st. But if you can't wait that long (and can't find your own small rock to push down an incline), fear not - Rock Of Ages 3 is rolling…

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9 months ago

Rock Of Ages 3: Make & Break tumbles out this Spring

Seems we slipped up, y'all. Apparently Rock Of Ages 3: Make & Break was announced last August but, looking through our archives, it seems we haven't actually talked about it yet. Whoops. Clearly, we were just holding out 'til we got some good, heavy footage of ACE Team's boulder-bothering threequel. This week the cardboard pantheon delivered, with 13 minutes of boulder-smashing Rock Of Ages 3…

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