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Rocket Arena

4 months ago

Rocket Arena’s first season fires off with new hero Flux

It's time to get very, very serious about shooting your pals with rockets. Rocket Arena's first season takes off today, bringing a heap of newness to EA's bouncy battle arena - a new battle pass, new ranked season, a series of new limited-time events that'll bring in new maps, and a dorky new hero who blows up baddies by tossing interdimensional cat-heads at them.

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5 months ago

Rocket Arena blasts off today

A lot of people are going to describe Rocket Arena as "Quake meets Smash Bros", and they will be accused of being lazy while also being 100% right. The concept and the name started as a Quake mod, after all, although it's now it's own separate thing published by Electronic Arts.This modern incarnation is a 3v3 shooter, out now, with class abilities and rocket-based weapons…

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Rocket Arena’s first season fires off later this month

Cannae be having a hero shooter without heroes, can we? Ahead of its launch date next Tuesday, Rocket Arena has shown off more of its bouncy blasty gunfights with two new trailers - one for the expected, eccentric cast of rocket-toting characters, the other for the maps they'll be blasting each other out of - alongside plans to add even more maps and a new…

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