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Rogue Company

4 months ago

Hi-Rez’s Rogue Company is coming out this summer

Hi-Rez Studio's upcoming team-based shooter, Rogue Company, got its very first gameplay trailer, showing off... uh, I don't really know what it's showing off. Seems like a run-of-the-mill third-person shooter to be honest. Hi-Rez also made Smite and Paladins and people quite liked those games, maybe they'll like this one too?At least we can get a better idea of what it's all about today, as…

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10 months ago

Hi-Rez’s new shooter Rogue Company looks as inspired as its name

Hi-Rez really deserve a break. They're the plucky underdogs, really, forever chipping away at the big dogs. Even if games like Smite or Paladins aren't household names, they're still a decent bet for a good time. Weirder, niche alternative to the genre titans, great for the weirdos who want something a bit less streamlined than an Overwatch or a League Of Legends. I'd love for…

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