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Rune Classic

11 months ago

Rune 2’s publisher has regained the game’s code after its developers suddenly shut down

Rune 2, sequel to the much older RPG Rune, has been sailing through uncertain waters since its release two months ago. The publisher Ragnarok Game may have finally reached the eye of the storm as of last week when they regained control of the viking RPG's code from the former developers whose studio suddenly shut down and quickly after accepted positions at a new Bethesda…

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1 year ago

Feature: Drag me to Hel

Have You Played… Rune?

With Rune 2 out very soon, what better time to ask this?I used to describe Rune as "sort of like an FPS but with swords", and that's a terrible way to describe it. But it sort of felt like that somehow. You're a Viking warrior named Ragnar whose village is blatted by an evil sorcerer, who effortlessly kills you and everyone on your boat for…

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