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samurai gunn

2 years ago

Blood-drenched party platformer Samurai Gunn 2 blasts and cuts onto PC in 2019

Blink-and-you're-dead party platformer Samurai Gunn is getting a sequel, and this time there's a story mode to stab your way through either solo or with a friend. Announced during today's Nintendo indie showcase (and confirmed to be bound for PC), Samurai Gunn 2 is headed our way early next year. I've only had a few chances to play the original with a full compliment of…

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4 years ago

Feature: Battles without honour or humility

Have You Played… Samurai Gunn?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.You’re at a party and people are starting to get tired of Nidhogg (it’s a nerd party). Someone has eaten all the Twiglets, the Fanta is nearly finished. It looks like Kelly might go home. All hope seems lost.“Wait,” says Thaddeus, “let’s play Samurai…

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7 years ago

The Most Marvelous News: Samurai Gunn’s Surprise Release

SAMURAI GUNN SAMURAI GUNN SAMURAI GUNN SAMURAI GUNN SAMURAI GUNN SAMURAI GUNN SAMURAI GUNN SAMURAI GUNN SAMURAI GUNN SAMURAI GUNN SAMURAI GUNN SAMURAI GUNN.OK, enough with the formalities. Let's get down to business. Samurai Gunn is great. I've played it in various stages of completion, and its local-multiplayer-centric blend of lightning-quick, one-hit-and-you're-done slashing and impeccably timed shooting is sublime. It is essentially a game in which you do…

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Greater Than The Sum: Samurai Gun(n)

Seriously, imagine a samurai with a gun. You finally surrounded the over-courageous little bugger and think you've got him beat. Suddenly he goes one-handed with the blade, fending off half your goons, while he reaches inside his robes for a high-calibre boom stick. Blasting away, he escapes down a mine shaft/elevator cable/well placed hatch and you're left with nothing but your cat and metal claw.…

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8 years ago

Super Slash Brothers: Samurai Gunn

I saw many, many excellent things while I was at Fantastic Arcade in Austin, Texas. You'll probably continue to hear about them until the end of time. Here, however, is one I wish I could've gotten a bit more up-close-and-personal with, but sadly never had the opportunity. Teknopants' Samurai Gunn mixes Super-Smash-Bros-style high-speed hop 'n' bop combat with sudden, single-hit finality akin to a samurai duel…

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