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ScourgeBringer review

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1 week ago

Slashin’ ‘n dashin’ roguelite ScourgeBringer left early access today

The last month or so has been a delightful time for roguelite fans (hello). We recently had the excellent Noita and Hades leave early access, and now the fast-paced action platformer ScourgeBringer has joined them. Today saw the dashing and blasting and slashing roguelite reach its 1.0 release. As with most games escaping their early access shackles, ScourgeBringer got a big update today, too, adding…

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7 months ago

Four whole sexy games made Steam’s top new releases in February

Right out of the oven, here are the hottest new games on Steam from February and boy they are hot indeed. Put those games on the cooling rack and open a window, will you? Games with "sexual content," (in the parlance of professional business speak) do occasionally crack the list of top selling new games but four is quite a feat. There are other trends…

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9 months ago

Frantic roguelite ScourgeBringer enters early access

Halfway through writing this post, I realised ScourgeBringer might be my entire jam. Developers Flying Oak Games' slashing, dashing roguelike just hit Steam Early Access, and it looks killer. A meticulous mash-up of some of the best side-scrolling bloodbaths, offering bite-sized brawls in labyrinthine dungeons. Just thinking about the rhythm of smashing up room after room, an ever-ticking combat multiplier, bullet-hell bosses and freeze-frames that…

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2 years ago

ScourgeBringer looks slicker than an oil spill

SLASH. BLAST. SMASH. DASH. All these verbs and more await in ScourgeBringer, an upcoming rogue-lite platformer that channels Dead Cells-esque combat through a more minimalist lens. Yes, I'm saying that based solely on the reveal trailer, but the reveal trailer is packed with enough dodge rolls and squishing noises that I'll eat my ominous floating head-orb if I turn out to be wrong.

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