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Sea Salt

3 weeks ago

Feature: The ol' snipple snapple

Have You Played… Sea Salt?

My mate Greg is one of those people who's phenomenally gentle and kind-hearted, but has a surprisingly brutal taste in media. He introduced me to a big chunk of the metal bands I listen to, and loves films with plenty of fights. I remember as teenagers, we spent an impossibly hot summer's day watching Gangs Of New York, then roaring Daniel Day Lewis quotes at…

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2 years ago

Sea Salt slithers ashore this spring

The sea is cold, dark and has a long memory - it's also pretty salty, and gets even more-so if those pesky landlubbers try to weasel their way out of aeons-old contracts. Sea Salt is an upcoming, vaguely Pikmin-like action strategy game from Y/CJ/Y where you play as Dagon, old god of the sea. The humans have grown bold enough to stop their regular sacrifices,…

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