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2 years ago

Charity speedrunning marathon Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 starts today

I hope you didn’t have anything planned this week, because speedrunning extravaganza Awesome Games Done Quick starts today at 4:30pm GMT.If you’ve never tuned in before, AGDQ is a weeklong, 24/7 marathon of games, all played as fast as possible, while streaming on Twitch and raising a whole shedload of cash for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. What’s not to like?

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3 years ago

Malleable platformer Semblance squidges out July 24th

I don't want to sully the wonderfully malleable world of Semblance with vulgarity, as tempting as this next line makes it to. Semblance is a platformer that invites you to "explore a world where the default is soft, where the property of 'hardness' doesn't exist" - not in your body, nor the platforms you jump upon. It's part puzzler and part jumper, where the latter…

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Semblance, a puzzle platformer about bending the rules

We've all done it. You miss a jump by what feels like millimeters (you were probably miles off, admit it), and your first thought is 'If only that platform were just a little bit higher'. If you could, at that moment, you'd reach out and bend the rules, just a teensy bit. Make it that little bit closer, or your jump just a little higher.Semblance…

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