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Shakedown Hawaii

5 months ago

Shakedown: Hawaii breaks onto Steam this August

After a year of tearing up the same turf, it's time to take the shakedown to another store. Following last year's debut on the Epic Games Store, Retro City Rampage follow-up Shakedown: Hawaii is bringing its playful, parodical GTA-esque sandbox to Steam this August. But first, developers Vblank Entertainment are once again taking a brief detour towards some rather unexpected ports.

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2 years ago

Shakedown: Hawaii is out now and all about the Benjamins

Shakedown: Hawaii may be a bloodless 2D parody of Grand Theft Auto with nary a swear or drug reference in sight, but it's still a deeply cynical game from the hour or so I've played so far. Out today, it's the sequel to Retro City Rampage, developer Vblank Entertainment's earlier joke-a-minute GTA parody. This time they've traded in the pseudo-NES sprites for SNES era colour…

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Shakedown Hawaii cuts a deal for an Epic launch this spring

Shakedown Hawaii - the much-delayed sequel to Vblank Entertainment's grand GTA parody Retro City Rampage - is nearly here, and will be making its debut on the Epic store later this spring. The scope of the game seems to have grown a bit since I last looked. It now blends its pseudo-16-bit aesthetic with the 80s trappings of GTA: Vice City and the character-hopping story…

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3 years ago

Shakedown Hawaii shows off megacorp murderthon

Confession: when Alice mentioned Shakedown Hawaii [official site] to me I assumed it was a fancy pineapple smoothie. It is not. It's a spiritual successor type deal and what it's succeeding is the 8-bit-esque Retro City Rampage. The bits have doubled to 16 and there's now a full reveal trailer offering up the following: "its theme, story, protagonist, and... business acquisition metagame!"There's also a lot…

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5 years ago

Less Retro, Same City Rampage: Shakedown Hawaii

After romping through '80s and early '90s pop culture in the 8-bit-styled Retro City Rampage, developers Vblank Entertainment are skipping forward a few years. They've announced Shakedown Hawaii [official site], a follow-up open-world murder simulator which skips towards a 16-bit art style and, I'd imagine, later into '90s pop culture. Presumably the Back to the Future references are now Back to the Future Part III…

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