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Skate Story

7 months ago

Skate Story’s underworld kickflips get technical in a new trailer

It is time, once again, to scream about Skate Story. Sam Eng's crystalline kickflipper made a fleeting appearance during this weekend's second Guerrilla Collective stream-a-thon. The new trailer flaunted more of the game's stunning concrete underworlds while laying out the technical footwork that'll get you there. To paraphrase a truly well-worn phrase, one doesn't simply ollie their way into hell - and lord, do I…

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9 months ago

Screenshot Saturday Sundays: Precarious camping, naked gymnasts and a kickflip cult

Screenshot Saturday Sundays! The sun is shining, the breeze is light, and we're all locked indoors, so why not kick back and flip through some lovely videogame shots with me? This week: Vertigo-inducing campsites, architectural fantasies, the cult of kickflips and some pants-free gymnastics.

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11 months ago

Skate Story is shredding an otherworldly line into oblivion

A wise man once said: "I will face God and walk backwards into hell". But why walk when you can tear through nine circles of damnation on four wheels and a solid deck? Skate Story, currently in development by indie developer Sam Eng, is skateboarding like I've never seen before. Gone are butt-rock anthems and Jackass-tier celebs. This is skateboarding for the supernatural, tearing a…

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