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Skeletal Dance Party

12 months ago

Skeletal Dance Party hits the dance-floor today

Deep down, everyone loves a good party and according to Skeletal Dance Party those bones are eager to shake it all night, even if the flesh is unwilling. Released today by Catalope Games and No Studio In Particular, it's an adorably bouncy physics'y spin on the dungeon crawler. Young necromancer Reva is throwing a dungeon dance party for her monster friends and bony pals. Sadly,…

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1 year ago

Skeletal Dance Party bops out this Halloween

As reanimated corpses go, these skeletons don't seem particularly malicious. But they do have trumpets. I've spent the past 15 minutes hopping about in the demo for Skeletal Dance Party, an upcoming dungeon crawling bopping adventure from Catalope Games. I've taken my first steps towards organising the biggest party the world has ever seen.

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