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Sky Noon

1 year ago


Premature Evaluation: Sky Noon

Premature Evaluation is the (usually) weekly column in which we explore the wilds of early access. This week, Fraser's shooting acrobatic cowboys in Sky Noon, an unconventional FPS full of grappling hooks and aerial antics. My stetson and I have spent a great deal of time soaring through big, open skies recently. It’s been lovely, though there’s always a tinge of frustration and just a…

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It’s Sky Noon, and this knockabout online FPS is out now

Be still my beating heart; someone has found a way to combine wild west aesthetics, the mechanics of Smash Bros, and a competitive FPS structure that doesn't instantly hand a win to the first player to put a crosshair over someone's head. Lunar Rooster's Sky Noon is an online FPS set in a weird floating wild west, where folks navigate with rocket boots and grappling…

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Sky Noon swings into early access on June 14th

I enjoyed the brief time I spent with LawBreakers, so I was sad to see that it didn't take off. It's puzzling, because everyone loves grappling hooks and LawBreakers is the only multiplayer game I can think of that gave me one. Maybe what the world needs is a game with all the joy of grappling hook-packed aerial battles, but instead of blowing people up…

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