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Soft Body

4 years ago

5 years ago

Meditative Bullet Hell: Soft Body

"You are a beautiful, gooey snake, and you paint the world with your soft body," says Zeke Virant, and I want to know: who squealed? But as chance would have it, that statement would also apply to people playing his game Soft Body [official site]. It's a puzzling action-y bullet hell-ish sort of a meditative chillout game, a description which may seem contradictory in half…

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Not For The Weak Minded: Soft Body

I really can't deal with going in two directions at once. Give me a complex 3D space to navigate or an army to command and I'm fine. Two dots that need to be moved simultaneously? Blubbering, writhing mess of confusion. Soft Body, awkwardly, relies on just that but manages to be stylish enough to make my flailing more pleasant. In it you control two parts…

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