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Software Inc.

10 months ago

Feature: Buy it on Gameswamp

Have You Played… Software Inc?

Game Dev Tycoon has given Nate happy memories of developing fictional games with perfectly plausible names (Wolf Strangler, Triumph of the Blood Lads). For me that joy was captured in Software Inc. In this tycoon game, you can spend a decade working on the most ambitious videogame ever conceived, only for it to become an astounding commercial failure.

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4 years ago

Feature: The sad career of Stanley Codeman

Premature Evaluation: Software Inc.

Every Monday we send Brendan into a sweltering 1980s office block to sit down at a cubicle and file a report on an early access game. This week, he establishes his own videogame company in Software Inc [Steam page]. “Fail fast.” That’s what the tech magnates of Silicon Valley always say. Stanley Codeman must have taken this philosophy to heart, because the first two enterprises…

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