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space station 13

4 months ago

Feature: Uncorrupted by capitalism

Have You Played… Space Station 13?

Trying to write about Space Station 13 is inevitably a complete nightmare, as by the time you've explained what it is to any degree of adequacy, you're approaching long read territory. But since this is a cheery little "hey, check out this interesting game" post, I'm going to try it in 100 words. Let's go. SS13 is a top-down, multiplayer, session-based RPG, where people take…

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1 year ago

Feature: Bathyschaphic bathos ahoy

Co-op space submarine game Barotrauma just hit Early Access, and it’s an absolute hoot

I’m pacing the dank, red-lit command deck, haggard even before the voyage starts, and worrying about my crew. They’re an untrained bunch; a mob of roustabouts I hired at the last waystation because I couldn’t afford anyone else. And in truth, I’ve got barely more experience than them - but I can’t let them sense my weakness.

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