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Spelunky 2

4 weeks ago

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Feature: Spelunky 2 has a load of items, new and old.

Spelunky 2 items guide – best items to buy from shopkeeper

Spelunky 2 will test your skill and patience, equipping you with nothing more than a whip, a few ropes, and a couple bombs. You’ll have the opportunity to pick up much more though, and some items are more useful than others.Here’s all the items in Spelunky 2 and where to find them.

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Feature: Talk about me you better hashtag turkey.

Spelunky 2 turkeys guide – how to tame turkeys, all uses

Turkeys are the most basic mount available in Spelunky 2. They'll be kicking about in the dungeons from world 1, and have a series of handy uses. From increasing your health and double jumping to taking a bullet secret-service style, these poultry pals will be extremely handy early on in the game.You can also gift them to Yang, an NPC who exchanges fancy treasure for…

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Feature: All the requirements for Mama Tunnel

Spelunky 2 shortcuts: what items are needed to open all tunnels

Spelunky 2’s shortcuts offer you the opportunity to skip through levels if you complete them enough. This is done by meeting Terra, who’ll be there and waiting for you once you’ve beaten a world. You’ll need to fulfil certain requirements to unlock the shortcuts though - here’s what you need to hold onto.

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