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Steel Rats

Steel Rats review

Burn rubber, baby


9 months ago

Steel Rats rolls out a demo and a discount

Motorcycle combat platformer Steel Rats now has a demo (and is half price until February 14th), so you can try it for yourself instead of just being baffled by that combination of words. Tate Multimedia built an unusual game for sure, drawing inspiration from the Redlynx's Trials series, Excite Bike, Joe Danger and more, and wrapping it all in an alt-history 1940s setting. There's an…

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12 months ago

Offbeat biker platformer Steel Rats is out now

From its towering bodged-together murderous junk-bots to its bizarre saw-wheeled bikes and its alternate dieselpunk 1940s setting, Steel Rats, released today, is an odd beast. An unusual vehicular action game from Tate Multimedia, part shooter, part platformer, part stunt racer. Players control a biker gang, battling robots across a ruined America, free to drive anywhere (including walls and ceilings) 'cos they've got big saw-blades for…

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1 year ago

Steel Rats ramps into stores on November 7th

It only feels right to call the bikes in Steel Rats 'choppers', considering that their front wheels are also saw-blades, ideal for grinding through robots, letting players climb vertical walls and even adhere to ceilings. Tate Multimedia's offbeat vehicular platformer is nearly ready to roll out, and launches on November 7th. I played a bit of Steel Rats earlier this year at Rezzed. While I…

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2 years ago

Steel Rats pits biker gangs against the robopocalypse

Interesting post-apocalyptic bike combat/platforming game Steel Rats was first announced in October of last year (accompanied by an oddly cut CGI trailer) - we've got the first official gameplay footage within, showing off just how much you can do on two wheels. A lot, I'd imagine, when one of them transforms into a buzzsaw capable of scything through concrete and metal alike.

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Phoenix Point will be playable at EGX Rezzed

Our corporate siblings who run EGX Rezzed go on about how it's a games show with all sorts of video games to play and talks to hear, but in reality it's a front. Rezzed exists because we believe you will pay money to breathe the same air as RPS staffers, getting some of our air inside you and some of yours in us, but both…

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