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Stone Story

11 months ago

Feature: O look, a stone

Premature Evaluation: Stone Story RPG

Stone Story begins with the birth of a singular “o”, blinking ceaselessly at the centre of a pitch black screen. Shimmering like buried silver, the text on screen informs you that this is all you see; the rest of the universe lays concealed beneath a veil of darkness. You can’t see or hear anything, but you can, at least, feel the rocks that chafe your…

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12 months ago

ASCII art RPG Stone Story launches into early access

I could stare at the ASCII art of Stone Story all day, and now I could even play it too, since it launched into Steam Early Access this week. But here, lets soak in the fact that our brains can approximate skeletal monsters, complicated architecture, and all manner of intricate little tools from these clever clusters of lines and symbols by watching its trailer.

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4 years ago

ASCII Me Anything: Stone Story

Stone Story [official site] looks like it contains elements of both A Dark Room and Kingdom of Loathing. It's an RPG, using ASCII visuals to impressive effect, in which you have no direct control of the player character. You can choose what items to equip and which locations to visit, but the exploration, combat and looting is in the hands of the AI. Developer Standard…

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