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Superliminal review

Call a somnambulance


1 week ago

Feature: Call a somnambulance

Superliminal review

It must be daunting, making a first person puzzle game about messing with physics. Do I even need to name the shadow looming over this whole genre? Superliminal is a short, linear showcase of puzzles built around the creative use of perspective. You're a volunteer, testing an experimental sleep therapy based on inducing dreams you can muck about in. Gentle, soothing jazz plinkles away in…

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Forced perspective puzzler Superliminal is out today

Like a dream that just won't stop repeating, Pillow Castle's peculiar perspective puzzler Superliminal hasn't quite left my mind since I first saw an early prototype back in 2014. Today, five years later, Superliminal has found its way to store shelves, bringing its fascinating concept to the public. Here's the deal: however large an object looks relative to the environment while you're holding it is…

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2 weeks ago

Perplexing perspective puzzler Superliminal enters the frame next week

Cor, now here's something I haven't seen in a long, long time. Back in 2014, Superliminal (then an untitled puzzler from developers Pillow Castle) was just a simple little demo with a cool as hell gimmick. "Gosh," I probably said, "that looks neat. I can't wait to give that a spin." Five whole years later, and I'd almost forgot about it. Like fellow mind-bender Manifold…

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