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SYNTHETIK: Legion Rising

2 years ago

Synthetik: Arena is a free condensed take on an intense roguelike shooter

Narrowly missing my games-of-the-year shortlist, Synthetik: Legion Rising was one of my more pleasant surprises of 2018. A sci-fi roguelike shooter with an unusual focus on semi-realistic weapon handling. A bit like Nuclear Throne by way of Vanquish, it's loud, fast, hard and great in co-op. Now you can try it free, as developers FlowFire Games have intriguingly made their wave-survival expansion - Synthetik: Arena…

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Tactical robo-roguelike shooter Synthetik: Legion Rising expands and reboots

At a glance Synthetik may look like yet another roguelike shooter, but its gunplay feels lifted from a heavyweight tactical sim. This is a game about powerful, loud guns that punch smouldering holes in angry robots. Guns that need manually unloading before you can slam another magazine in. Guns which jam or overheat while a dozen homing missiles swirl in on your position - it's…

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