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Tales From Off-Peak City

4 months ago

Feature: A baker's dozen (plus two)

Our 15 favourite PC games of 2020 so far

Halloo, gentle reader. Since we're half way through the entire year of 2020 (yet somehow it is also still March?), we decided to run down, lasso and tie up some of our favourite games from the last six months, and force them into a nice list for you. 2020 still has plenty of new PC games to come, of course, but these are the ones…

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6 months ago

Surreal adventure game Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1 is out now

You can get yer mitts on this wacko adventure game Tales From Off-Peak City Vol. 1 now that it's fully released on PC. It was a Humble Choice subscriber exclusive previously when RPS review slinger Nate took a crack at it. Fortunate for me, as I'm not sure I could explain the surrealist jazz romp without his assistance. It's out on Itch and Steam now,…

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7 months ago

Tales From Off-Peak City’s eccentric first volume hits Steam and Itch next month

Cosmo D's Tales From Off-Peak City Volume 1 might as well be a dream. None of the lines make sense, voices are disembodied and audible only as music, with a general sense of being neither somewhere nor elsewhere. The pizza toppings look gross. But even if the developer's world seems pieced together from half-forgotten memories, it's all quite real and - as a new trailer…

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10 months ago

Feature: Sounds good

Tales From Off-Peak City Volume 1 review

So, let’s be real up front: I was dreading playing Tales From Off-Peak City Volume 1.. For whatever reason, my brain has barely any appetite for unlocking locked doors, solving mysteries, unravelling conspiracies or piecing together intricately implied backstories. A lot of adventure games just ain’t for me, because I’m a brute and a philistine. Added to that, I’ve got an abiding fear of being…

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1 year ago

Take me down to Off-Peak City, where the canal is clean and the pizza’s pithy

Yes, the next game from Cosmo D looks just as surreal and musical as Off-Peak and The Norwood Suite. Today he formally announced the first volume of Tales From Off-Peak City, a series of stories set on the same city block in his wonderful world. I am particularly taken with a city canal apparently being clean enough to swim in. If Cosmo D's games weren't…

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Tales From Off-Peak City will take us back to Cosmo D’s world

Even if the name weren't a giveaway, you'd know Tales From Off-Peak City is a Cosmo D game from the philosophical pizza order, the eclectic collections of oversized objects, a building morphed into a face, and his visual style that I've just realised reminds me of 90s multimedia CD-ROMs. The musician and developer recently announced his next game set in the world of Off-Peak, another…

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