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Tales of the Neon Sea

2 years ago

Tales Of The Neon Sea is a cyberpunk detect ’em up with a cat

It is the future and not only have vandals replaced almost all bulbs with pink and green neon lights, someone is doing murder too. Enter us, a former detective now living hard as a private eye, to solve crime in Tales Of The Neon Sea. The puzzle-o-adventure-a-platform game launched yesterday and I cannot deny that a fair chunk of my interest is driven by occasionally…

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Tales Of The Neon Sea washes into stores in April

Colourful cyberpunk (as if those two are ever separable) puzzle game Tales Of The Neon Sea has scheduled its release for April 30th, and in celebration released a new trailer. The key addition seems to be the “gangster felines.” This is not a combination of words I was expecting to read today but, hey, the internet does love cats. You can take a look below,…

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3 years ago

Tales of the Neon Sea promises point-and-click policing

It may not have been anywhere near perfect, but 1997's Blade Runner point-and-click adventure left me with an itch that no game has scratched in decades. My latest hope is Tales of the Neon Sea, a cyberpunk noir detective adventure from Zodiac Interactive.So far signs are good. It's got a brooding synth soundtrack, a dystopian sci-fi cityscape, a trenchcoat-clad detective and some sort of giant…

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