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Teamfight Tactics

3 months ago


Teamfight Tactics champions – Hextech, new TFT champions

A forthcoming patch for Teamfight Tactics will introduce four new champions, all of which belong to the new Hextech origin. The Hextech origin's ability has gone through some iterations in the PBE (Public Beta Environment) but it should be finalised soon. That's not the only thing, as recent patches have also changed how a few TFT champion traits work since the game first arrived in…

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Feature: MOBAs mark 2

Spawn Point: What on earth is an auto battler?

What is an auto and how do I battle it? This is going to be a tough one. Seriously, why are all the cool kids suddenly talking about level three Dragon Knights? That would be because they are playing Dota Underlords, the best of the auto battlers. At least for beginners.

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