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Teamfight Tactics

3 months ago

Spirit Blossom event spans League Of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Runeterra

Riot Games today kick off a new cross-game event starts today in League Of Legends and its two gamebabies, Teamfight Tactics and Legends Of Runeterra. Spirit Blossom is its name, and apparently it's inspired by "anime". Y'know, just anime, broadly anime. The event will bring new themed skins and cosmetic bits for all three games, as well as a new character and the return of…

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7 months ago

Teamfight Tactics Galaxies brings the auto-battler to mobile with full crossplay

What's this? A mobile story, on my beloved PC gaming specialist website? Don't worry folks, we haven't lost it. After all, nothing screams PC like a MOBA - unless it's an obtuse, strategy board-game spin-off from said MOBA. Teamfight Tactics' long-awaited Galaxies update hit earlier this week, bringing with it new heroes and items, a fresh balance pass, and a load of new mobile players…

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8 months ago

TFT Galaxies will shake up the auto-battler’s big spenders

Teamfight Tactics is preparing to blast off into its next set, Galaxies, later this month. But while Riot are bringing some extraterrestrial changes to the League Of Legends auto-battler, there are some more fundamental changes to make before heading into orbit - reworking Teamfight's in-game economy and making significant changes to its cosmetic pass.

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10 months ago

Riot aim to get Teamfight Tactics on phones in mid-March

We always knew the wizards of Teamfight Tactics were too powerful to be contained on personal computers. Riot are planning on spreading League's autobattler to mobile telephones in mid-March, and will include cross-platform multiplayer. That's also when they'll kick off Set 3, and they've hinted at what that big update will include through the unholy medium of over-stressed puns.

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League Of Legends kicking off the new season with a Warriors cover

As League Of Legends winds up to start its tenth season on Friday, Riot Games have dropped a new anthem for the MOBA - or an old one, really. The new season's cinematic music video is a cover of Warriors, see, the iconic (and never-bested) 2014 World Championship theme by Imagine Dragons. Now the song is all grim, choral, and bwampy, like so many other…

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11 months ago

Teamfight Tactics resets the board and brings in League’s tiniest superstars

Now that players have had a few weeks to feel out the Set 2 changes, Ranked matchmaking returns to a Teamfight Tactics with patch 9.23. A new season brings a clean slate, resetting everyone's ranks and bringing some significant changes to the way climbing the ranks works. More importantly: TFT added three adorable new Legends to its lineup with a banging new music video. Welcome…

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