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5 days ago

2 months ago

Yup, Teardown still looks delightfully destructive

For all the fancy shooting and whimsical adventures offered up during tonight's Opening Night Live showcase, Teardown's appearance reminds us that sometimes it's just fun to take a hammer to a brick wall. Launching later this year, the smash 'n' grab heist game from Tuxedo Labs has returned with a new trailer. It might only be a minute and a half long, but blimey, I…

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1 year ago


Crime is all about decisions. Do you wanna leave a scene full of revealing clues? Fingerprints in the dust of a windowsill, footprints in the mud? Or do you wanna leave the fuzz with an absolute bombsite. Why's that car wedged into the ceiling? Never mind who opened these doors, none of them are on their hinges anymore. Didn't this office have a roof? Where…

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