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Temtem type chart: strengths and weaknesses of all 12 Temtem types

How to choose the best Temtem types for your squad

3 months ago

Temtem got a new island and bunch of new Tems to tame today

New features, new monsters and, of course, a brand new island are what await you in Temtem today, as the Kisiwa Island update has arrived. Crema's early access Pokémon-like MMO has introduced a whole new area to explore, with 23 new Tems for you to add to your collection. There's a bunch of other good stuff in this update, too, including a new chat and…

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8 months ago

Temtem will introduce a battle pass next year, along with a Nuzlocke game mode

Temtem can't get enough of their Pokémon inspired features - it shouldn't be a surprise really, it's a Pokémon-inspired MMO after all. Crema have released yet another roadmap through early access and beyond, this time telling us about some of the lovely new things we can expect to start arriving in the game from this winter, including a good old fashioned Nuzlocke game mode. They've…

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Temtem plans to add 50 new critters and two new islands this year

Everyone's favourite Pokémon-like MMO is getting some brand new additions this year, including 50 new Temtem and two new islands to catch them on. Temtem developers, Crema, have released a short-term roadmap talking about some highly-requested new features coming to the game's competitive scene, as well as a few other bits like player housing. Soon there'll be an infinite plot of land where everyone can…

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Temtem update opens the Saipark, a weekly new end-game safari

Fancy a trip to the park? Massively multiplayer catch 'em up TemTem certainly hopes so, dropping update 0.5.12 this week. The headline attraction is the Saipark, a natural reserve located near the Prasine coast in Deniz. Opening its doors to experienced trainers, the Saipark offers a rotating collection of extra-special pocket monsters each week, for a modest price

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9 months ago

Temtem caught 900 accounts in its first batch of bans

Early access Pokemon-like MMO Temtem is battling through the rough waters that come with an online game release. The indie creature catching game overcame long login queues during its launch week. The next problem stepping onto the battlefield is a standard one for MMOs: cheaters and exploits. Crema said today that they've identified and banned 900 accounts that are "either a cheater or has abused…

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Pokemon-inspired MMO Temtem is out now in early access

If you've spent the past two decades fantasising about enslaving wild creatures to do your bidding, boy howdy, do I have good news. Temtem is a Pokemon-inspired MMO for PC that came out on early access yesterday. Everything you know and love from the Pokemon games you were never allowed to play is here. Gyms are dojos, trainers are tamers, and your menagerie of adorable…

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10 months ago

You can join the free stress test for creature catching MMO Temtem

If Temtem looks like a Pokemon game to you, that's because it absolutely is a lot like Pokemon. The Applin doesn't fall far from the Sudowoodo—yes, it's a Pokemon joke on a PC website. If you weren't familiar with the brightly colored creature catching MMO before, now is a decent time to change that. The game comes out on January 21st, but you can sign up to…

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