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The Forest

The Forest review

So little has changed...


6 years ago

Feature: A Stalk In The Woods

A Log Book: The Forest Diary Part One

The Forest has been doing really rather well on Steam's Early Access this year. A survival game with an emphasis on crafting and building, and yet it's not made out of cubes. In fact, it's really quite impressively realistic. Apart from, maybe, the mutant horrors. I hope. Oh God, please don't let those be realistic. I've decided I'm going to master this game. I'm going…

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Feature: Helter Shelter

The Lighthouse Customer: The Forest

Each Monday, Chris Livingston visits an early access game and reports back with stories about whatever he finds inside. This week, fighting savages while becoming one in survival-horror crafting game The Forest. Interesting how priorities can change. Two days ago, my crafting goal was to build a log cabin. Today, I'm more interested in assembling a tower of human body parts. Of course, the day…

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Feature: Cannibals Of Fava Beans Wood

The RPS Conversation: The Forest Early Access

The Forest is a singleplayer FPS which mixes Rust-like crafting and survival with a setting more visually stunning than you'd think possible from a four-person indie team. It entered early access on Steam last week, and Adam and Graham spent the weekend shivering alone in the rain (and in the game) so they could bring you their impressions. Graham: I am slick and naked like…

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