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The Journey Down Chapter 2

The Journey Down Chapter 2 review

Going Underland, Going Underland


5 years ago

Feature: Going Underland, Going Underland

The Journey Down Chapter 2 review

Adventure charmer The Journey Down Chapter 2 has come hurtling in only, um, two years after Skygoblin's first part. However, with a lengthy, well-constructed and rather pleasant game as a result, it seems it was rather worth the wait. Here's wot I think:

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Holy Wow: The Journey Down Chapter 2 Looks Fantastic

Refresher time: The Journey Down was a great adventure game that came out a while back and then got a strong (though not perfect) HD remake back in 2012. The tale of a Jamacian pilot and his dealings with a mysterious woman, an evil power company, and "The Edge" was quite something, but it rolled credits after it'd only just begun to take off. Thank…

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