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The Last Remnant

6 months ago

Feature: Liveblogging, but good

The Cheerer and the Jeerer – Square Enix’s show as it happened

Matt: This is it. The final blog down. Square Enix are about to tell us about what they're up to, and we've both reported to our liveblogging stations for the very last time. Both Cheerer and Jeerer have one more opportunity to don their respective masks of love and loathing, but who will take up each mantle? Actually, forget I asked. Jetlag has snuck up…

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1 year ago

Square Enix’s The Last Remnant is vanishing from Steam on September 4th

Square Enix have announced that they're de-listing offbeat RPG The Last Remnant from Steam soon. Mysteriously stating no reason in their announcement, the publisher and developer say the game will be leaving the storefront on September 4th, although existing owners and those who pick it up now will still be able to play the game after removal. I'm sad to see it go. While the game…

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