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The Light Keeps Us Safe

1 year ago

Procedurally generated apocalypse The Light Keeps Us Safe creeps out of early access

Spooky, stealthy apocalypse survival game The Light Keeps Us Safe has snuck its way out of early access. Now you can tiptoe about; avoid mean robots; and upgrade your singular line of defence, a humble torch, in its full release. It’s got a creepy new trailer to celebrate, too, so you can join me in watching this one from afar through your fingers.

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2 years ago

Flashlights are your lifeline in murky robo-avoider The Light Keeps Us Safe

Shining lights on problems might not be as effective a solution to social ills as first thought, but it seems key to surviving a nightmare robopocalypse. Announced back in July, Big Robot (Sir, You Are Being Hunted and The Signal From Tölva) are living up to their name again with The Light Keeps Us Safe, a techno-horror survival adventure set in a world where the…

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3 years ago

Big Robot building more bots in The Light Keeps Us Safe

Staying true to their name, Big Robot are sending more yet big robots to get us in their third game. The makers of The Signal From Tölva and Sir, You Are Being Hunted today announced The Light Keeps Us Safe, a stealth game creeping through the apocalypse while robots are out to get you and your path is filled with traps. A bit like a…

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