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The Medium

2 days ago

Feature: Hands. Games. Space

The top 10 games on PC in January

Thank Christ 2020 is over. While we'll be able to regale our grandkids with stories about toilet roll shortages and incompetent governments, last year would've been better if we were able to just do the things we'd all been planning to do. However, now that we're a couple weeks into the new year, we know that things didn't drastically change at the stroke of midnight…

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2 months ago

The Medium delays until January partly due to “other games on the market”

We're nearly done with 2020, but the delay announcements aren't over just yet. The Medium, the next horror adventure from Bloober Team, has been delayed until January 2021. They mention the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and "other games on the market" as part of their decision to delay and further polish the game.

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3 months ago

8 months ago

The Medium is an otherworldly Polish thriller from the makers of Observer

After jumpscares and cyberpunk affairs, perhaps it's time to go home. Announced earlier today, Bloober Team's latest is The Medium, a supernatural spook 'em concerned with parallel worlds, otherworldly perspectives, and an abandoned hotel in the developers' home town of Krakow, Poland. I'll assume their commute doesn't feature nearly as much blood or ghostly ill-doings, mind.

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All the PC news from Microsoft’s Xbox Series X showcase

Did you miss today's Xbox Series X stream? While the first of Microsoft's many planned streams for their new machine was naturally concerned with their new tellybox, there were still enough multi-platform announcements and trailers going around for us PC folks to get excited over. Here's our rundown of what happened during today's showcase.

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